Trans AM 455 HO Vs Buick GS 455 Stage 1

Here we have a drag race of the car that we all love Trans AM 455 HO and another great muscle car, the Buick GS 455 Stage 1. It is clear which our fav is and which car we will cheer for but still both are awesome and can post some really nice times.

This is not a video only about a drag race, we have nice burnout as well. After lineup and short burnouts we have two separate drag races. Both vehicles are pretty much stock and running stock tires. Both races are quite close and both drivers did a great job.

1972 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM Front

1972 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM Front


Buick GS 455 Stage 1

Buick GS 455 Stage 1

What else to say, enjoy this video I know I did… Try to guess who will win 😉


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