Bandit Vs General Lee

Pedal to the metal chase, Bandit Vs General Lee. Can you find any other two more appropriate icons of true muscle car era. It is rare to see any of these in perfect condition so you can calculate how difficult is to see them in race like this one…

Who do you think that will win this race? There are no details about these cars but it is quite possible that both Bandit and General Lee are stock. Even in stock version they offered great performances, something that could beat much more expensive models.


In case that both of those are stock than we can expect them to come with 6.6 liter for Bandit, that’s the 400 V8 machine and it was rated at about 220 hp. General Lee on the other hand could be offered with at least few different engines. Original from TV Show came with 318, 383 and 400 cubic inch units, also, there is a possibility of 426 Hemi and 511 Hemi but those were very very rare.


We are fully aware that all the stunts were done by professional drivers and that this “race” was staged. Even knowing this it is obvious that we, and all true muscle car lovers will enjoy this video. No matter if you like Bandit or General Lee it is amazing to see them race.

Here is the video, enjoy:

Photo gallery:

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