2016 Toyota Celica Specs And Price

We could hear few quite interesting rumors about the 2016 Toyota Celica and the possibility that this model will come back to the market. This sporty car is one highly anticipated model and we expect more drivers to be interested in it as the launch date approaches.

For those that eagerly awaits this car we can say that it will be most likely come to the market during the next year as a 2016th model. We expect it to be officially presented during the summer of 2015th while the sales should start during September, second option is that it will be introduced to the market in March of 2016th. As soon we get official or at least spy photos of the production ready model we will transfer those right here.

2016 Toyota Celica Side

2016 Toyota Celica Side


Previous generation of Celica was offered with 1.8 liter inline four cylinder engine that produced either 140 hp or 189 hp depending on the state of the tune. This was decent enough for the small sporty car but now we do expect much more. There are no confirmations about what powertrain it will offer but rumors say that it could be even a hybrid. We expect it to offer much more power and hybrid powertrain could pump out up to 250 hp while the reports about the standard gasoline engine say that this model could come with 300 to 310 hp powertrain.

2016 Toyota Celica Specs

We can only guess the transmission that this front engined rear wheel drive sporty car will offer but the best guess that it will come with six speed automatic that will be possible to control with paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. With optimization this powertrain could offer quite impressive performances and numbers that will be quite close to what we are getting from many much more expensive supercars.

Release Date

Toyota Celica Back

Toyota Celica Back

One of the directions in which the 2016 Toyota Celica could go is the Toyota FT1 concept and we are pretty sure that new sporty model will draw a lot of inspiration from this concept. Have in mind that Supra could be also offered and if that happens we do expect Celica to be slightly under it and that Supra will be even more closer to the FT1 concept but also to bring more power and better features to the market.

Price of 2016 Toyota Celica

At this point there are only rumors about many things related to the 2016 Toyota Celica and same is about the price. We could hear few options and one of those is that the starting price will be about $30,000 and the others suggest that it will come with even higher price tag since it will offer hi-tech features and great performances. This needs to be controlled if Toyota wants its sporty new model to have any chances against many competitors in the segment.

2016 Toyota Celica Interior

2016 Toyota Celica Interior


As we mentioned before the 2016 Toyota Celica is still in rumor mill only and we are waiting for more details to be offered and for us to get more information’s but there is a good chance for it to be delivered in the next few seasons. Best starting point is the FT1 concept that was recently presented so we will offer those images right here. There are still too many options in rumors that mention hybrid powertrain, price that varies from 30 to 50k and power output, we hope this will sort out in the next few months and similar.

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