2016 Pontiac GTO Price And Specs

For people like us it is hard, or better say impossible, not to like true and iconic muscle cars. One of those certainly is the Pontiac GTO that has not been in production for few years, to be more precise, since 2006 when the last models left the production line. There is still hope for those that want to see new version. Conversion kit allows you to ride in a brand new 2016 Pontiac GTO.

As a base for transformation will be used Chevrolet Camaro that will receive significant changes making it much better. Have in mind that all this costs and it costs a lot. First of all you will need to provide Camaro as a donor car and after that conversion specialist will do their magic changing many pieces and bits on it. As a result we are getting completely different muscle car in the 2016 Pontiac GTO and since through history GTO was sourced from Camaro this is the right direction. We also know that Trans AM and Firebird models were based on Camaro and shared large number of parts with it.

2016 Pontiac GTO

2016 Pontiac GTO


We will start with some changes that new model will offer. All-new Judge will offer completely new body that will ride on large 20 inch forged aluminum wheels wrapped in Good Year Eagle 285/35/ZR20 front tires and 305/35/ZR20 rear tires. You can see even on images how powerful this setup looks, especially when you add features like custom designed hood, grille and entire rear segment. Head lamps can be hidden like it was with some older models while rear spoiler, anti-roll sway bar kit, etc. are also offered.




Changes do not stop there, interior of 2016 Pontiac GTO brings additional upgrades. New are seats, gauges and various trims, we are getting large number of badges that will clearly state that this is Judge GTO. All floor mats, head rests and console lid will have embroidered accents further improving level of luxury. Center console will come with seven inch display that will offer audio controls but in base version it will not offer navigation. What we really like about this vehicle is that it will be offered with manual transmission while the automatic is paid option.

There is also a long list of features that are offered as options and among those upgrades we have: seven inch navigation screen, upgraded console gauges, hood tach for boost gauge, slotted and drilled rotors, Judge painted and lettered calipers, white tire letters, LED color changing lights, engine covers and more.

2016 Pontiac GTO Specs

One of the things that we really needed with the 2016 Pontiac GTO is a huge and powerful engine. Just like it was the case with iconic muscle car this one will also provide fantastic performances. There are more than a few choices in the engine lineup at least when it comes to power, base version will offer 550 hp while top of the line powerplant can pump out incredible 840 hp. Supercharged units deliver fantastic power level and high quality internals are here to support everything.

2016 Pontiac GTO Side

2016 Pontiac GTO Side

If you are going for the performance package with insane 840 hp you will be getting 2.9 Liter Twin Screw Super Charger on LSX 7.4 liter GM performance engine. Performance spark plugs in combination with cold air intake and custom dyno tune allows creator of this monster to push it all the way up to insane 840 hp. This version comes in both manual and automatic versions and it all depends on what you like most. Automatic transmission might be better choice but if you want full control over your vehicle you might want to choose manual version.

2016 Pontiac GTO Price

We have already mentioned that 2016 Pontiac GTO will be quite pricey. On top of Camaro you will need to add at least $5,000 for some basic changes while top of the line model will force you to pay $30k and easily even more, over base price. There are no details about launch date but since this is a conversion kit do not expect to go to the company car lot and choose one. It is preordered and highly exclusive model. Without a doubt new GTO is a modern machine and while it resembles the original GTO there are many drivers that might opt for original iconic muscle car that will be heavily restored to perfection. In that case, if you are one of those drivers that want to restore one of these muscle cars, be prepared to shell out $50,000 and more.

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