2016 Lincoln Continental Price And Release Date

At this point all information’s that we have about the 2016 Lincoln Continental are still in the rumors domain. There are many reports and details about the possibility that this vehicle will be offered and recently we could hear Canadian musician which claims that one of his products will be implemented in this new luxury sedan.

Neil Young suggested recently, in one of his interviews, that the Pono digital music player will be integrated into infotainment system of this vehicle. During this interview he implied that new Continental will be delivered and even he did not say if it will come as a MKS model or a completely new Continental version we can only hope that it is finally time for one American luxury sedan to take a decent amount of sales in this segment.

2016 Lincoln Continental Front

2016 Lincoln Continental Front


List of things that will be changed with new model of luxury flagship sedan, no matter what will be its name, is quite long. First, let’s start with the platform. Ford has developed new CD4 platform that is used for Edge crossover and Fusion sedan. This might come as a disappointment for many since this platform needs to be significantly reworked so it would be capable of offering rear-wheel drive and we already do know that neither Fusion or Edge are not offering V8 units under its hoods.

Release Date Of 2016 Lincoln Continental

We will start with engine lineup that could be included with the 2016 Lincoln Continental. Previous models in Ford lineup that used CD4 platform were offered with 3.7 liter V6 Cyclone engine as a base but this one could be replaced with relatively new 2.3 liter EcoBoost powerplant that offers north of 300 hp. More power and better performances would be offered with another EcoBoost engine, the 3.5 liter V6 can easily pump out more than 350 hp but we still do not have any info about the state of the tune of this engine and we could see it offering more than 600 hp but in this case it is highly optimized and significantly changed when compared to a standard version.

2016 Lincoln Continental Front Segment

2016 Lincoln Continental Front Segment


As we all know this will be one quite luxurious vehicle, at least it should be if Lincoln and Ford want it to compete with luxury sedans from German car makers. One of the things that the Lincoln MKS did not offer on satisfying level is the rear seat room. With new 2016 Lincoln Continental this certainly will be solved, especially in case of the long wheelbase version that will be delivered to the Chinese market in an effort of this car maker to establish its presence. Further changes in interior would include better SYNC and improved voice controls system. Even we are getting pretty much the same platform like with Fusion models we are sure that interior materials will be of much higher quality providing more luxurious and more comfortable felling.


2016 Lincoln Continental Front Side

2016 Lincoln Continental Front Side

When it comes to changes to the exterior we also do expect to see many improvements which will allow this sedan to be more mature and to offer grown-up looks in combination with refinement and elegance. After chief of design has been changed at the end of 2013th we have received MKX Concept that offered slightly changed split grille and this was really needed improvement since previous models in the lineup offered front end that was not favored by many drivers. Compared with the concept vehicle from 2002 we could see we are pretty sure that the 2016 Lincoln Continental will not come with suicide doors even that are something we would like to see and would make this vehicle quite different than many of its competitors.

2016 Lincoln Continental Price

While waiting for new sedan flagship to arrive we are still gathering details about it. More will be offered after the launch that is expected to happen during this year and most likely it will be officially presented during the summer months while the sales should start in September or few months later but before the end of this year. Price has been speculated but it is still unknown. We could hear the rumors that it will be priced from $50,000 to $70,000 for a base version. Have in mind that this will be one completely new model, based on new platform and offered with new engines.

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