2016 Jaguar XE Review And Price

At this moment we have only few teaser images of the 2016 Jaguar XE and those are joined with the spy photos from the recent testing of this model on the Nurburgring. At the Geneva Auto Show we were able to see and hear only few details and teasers about this car but this time we are getting slightly more.

Main competitor to the new model in Jag’s lineup will be the BMW 3 Series and it will use all new aluminum chassis that was originally offered with the C-X17 Concept SUV. It is nothing new to see cars from this company delivered with extensive usage of aluminum but the new platform is able to even further reduce weight with additional amount of aluminum usage.

Review Of 2016 Jaguar XE

There are still many things that we are waiting to hear about this model but we do expect to see four cylinder and six cylinder engines under the hood. What we know for sure is that it will come with 3.0 liter V6 unit that we were able to see in F-Type and that this model will deliver 340 hp but also that there might be the more powerful version with 380 hp. This amount of power sets it in the range of M3 but if Jaguar wants to beat it than they will need to offer more than 400 hp.

2016 Jaguar XE Side

2016 Jaguar XE Side

There is no doubt that we will be able to see this model on more tests pretty soon. Latest images that we have received are from Nurburgring where this model was tested and we could hear incredible sound of the V6 that is under the hood of this model. It still comes with high level of camouflage but even with that we can see that it is pretty production ready and that these are final tests, also we are sure that these tests will last little longer so that the company can be sure they are offering quite competitive model.

Jaguar XE Back

Jaguar XE Back

Again we have received confirmation that it comes with 3.0 liter V6 unit under the hood but again we do not have the official amount of power that it will bring. It will be at least 340 hp like in the F-Type but as we said before it could go to more than 400 hp so it could compete with M3.

2016 Jaguar XE Chassis

2016 Jaguar XE Chassis

Release date has not been officially announced and we do not expect to see the 2016 Jaguar XE during this year. More likely date of the launch is during the next year. Geneva Auto Show could be the place where this model could be presented as a production ready version.

2016 Jaguar XE Price

Price is another thing that we are eagerly waiting to hear and at this point it is only a rumor. If those rumors come true than we will be likely see the tag price of $ 30,000 to $ 35,000 for a base model and more powerful version that will compete with BMW M3 should be priced at about $ 60,000. Looking at the price we also need to have on our mind the fact that the base price of the F-Type is set to about $ 65,000.

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