2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept Review

2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept Badge

Original Volkswagen Beetle was one of the best options for those that wanted to transform one vehicle into the dune buggy car. This was due to its rear engine layout and the rear wheel drive that it offered as a standard. VW is fully aware of this and there are no reasons why not to offer something similar right from the factory.

Few years ago we could see the 2000 VW New Beetle Dune Concept but this vehicle remained only a concept and was not evolved further. It seams that at this year Detroit Auto Show we will be able to see this concept delivered again. We have received confirmations that it will be presented as a Beetle Dune Concept.

2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept Review

At this moment there are only a small portion of details and information’s about the 2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept. Only one image is available and it is a rendering image that we have delivered here. Looking at the image and reading the press release from this car maker it is quite obvious that this is only a concept version and we have a lot of space to add things and speculate about what it could bring to the market.

2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept Side

2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept Side

It is obvious in the press release that there is a chance that this or similar vehicle will come to production but it will be certainly interesting to see the final looks of it if it ever comes to production. Company suggest that this is a concept that has a higher potential to be delivered into production that it was the case with previously presented Dune Concept from 2000.

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Immediately it is quite obvious that the main goal for this vehicle is to tackle almost any terrain. The 2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept is equipped with all the gear it needs to overcome almost any obstacle. We are getting new and different rocker panels and front end while the tires provide two inch lift and are bigger. This increases ground clearance and offers better traction than standard option.

Specs Of 2015 Beetle Dune Concept

The 2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept is based on the Beetle R line and comes with a turbocharged engine and front wheel drive but there is a possibility that the Tiguan could be the donor of few parts. If the same platform would be used than we might be getting all wheel drive but this is highly unlikely even it would considerable improve its off road capabilities.

2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept Back

VW Beetle Dune Concept Back

Just as a reminder turbocharged TSI engine from R-Line Beetle offers 210 hp. Power is delivered through a six speed DSG dual clutch automatic transmission that sends power to the front wheels. Since this will be a dune ready vehicle it would be great to see it in all-wheel version also. We certainly hope to see this offered as an option at least. We do not know if it will be delivered to the market or not but we can only hope it to be offered as a special and limited version.

2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept

2015 VW Beetle Dune Concept

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