2015 Toyota Supra Specs And Price

The Toyota Supra is a sleek, stylish sports car designed and produced by Toyota from 1979 to 2002 when it faded quietly into the night. The 2015 Toyota Supra marks a comeback for the brand! Starting in 2011, when Toyota registered the expired “Supra” trademark, rumors have been circulating.

Much more talk of the Toyota Supra’s return has been both confirmed and denied. We now know that the Supra model rebirth will occur. Look for it in 2014 at a dealership near you! If this comes to be the truth than soon, in the next few months we might be seeing this model

2015 Toyota Supra Price

The resurrection of the 7-year dead Toyota Supra will bring back the tradition of Toyota’s high performance sports car with an incredibly attractive exterior. The Supra is said to offer either a 3.5 liter V6 engine that produces 350 HP and 275 lbs-ft or torque, or a 5 liter V8 unite that can produce 450 HP and 383 lbs-ft of torque. Reports on this currently vary. Though the price is not certain yet, it is though to range from $40,000 to $50,000 currently.

2015 Toyota Supra

2015 Toyota Supra

The 2015 Toyota Supra is certainly an upgraded sports car. It is based off the Lexus LF-LC concept. It is expected to come with an aggressively designed open front end. The hood will be long and swooping, with LED headlights. On the side will be an angular air intake and sharply defined wheelbase. The back features many classic Supra touches. There are rounded quad taillights that have been a signature of the Supra. A dual exhaust is also featured. The spoiler is an over-the-top accent that finishes off the rear of the car.

Specs Of 2015 Supra

A High performance sports car, with a gleamingly slick exterior, the all new Supra garnered some of its design influence from the FT-HS Concept and the FT-86. The outside of the car features large alloy wheels and delightfully elegant curves. Preserving its trademark design touches, the Supra retains its wing-like spoiler at the back.

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What many would like to see, and we are among them is the offering of the turbocharged engine. Even smaller units could be quite great addition to the lineup of naturally aspirated units. Choice would be good but we also do miss the naturally aspirated, free rev units in our sporty cars. There are still many segments that news need to fill about all new 2015 Toyota Supra but until that happens we will deliver currently available information’s right here.

Toyota Supra Interior

Toyota Supra Interior

The overall impression from the 2015 Toyota Supra is of luxury coupled with a nod to futuristic styling and design. For the driver, buckling inside this reborn beautify is like a step back into the past coupled with a trip to the future. It brings back a popular element and favorite from our past that disappeared, never to be heard from again in a form so revolutionized it makes the driver feel as they are traveling into the future. Find this remarkable feat of design and engineering near you soon.

2015 Toyota Supra Back

2015 Toyota Supra Back

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