2015 Mercedes S Class Release Date And Price

Looking at the luxury sedan market for many years we were able to see that the S Class represented benchmark for other car makers. Similar is with the 2015 Mercedes S Class that offers highest level of technology, comfort and luxury, it will be easy choice for many buyers but still we need to say that other brands are quite competitive.

Well known Mercedes design language is implemented here and similar design language is not only used on currently available models but also on many models that were available in the history of this brand. Large grille and LED headlights are saying a lot about the level of luxury and refinement that this vehicle has to offer. Looking from the side we can easily recognize the “Dropping Line” from front to the end which has become recognizable mark of this German car maker.

A lot of attention has been delivered to both aerodynamics and efficiency. Every detail has been optimized and because of this we are getting drag coefficient of only 0.24 while the hybrid offers even more 0.23. Further efficiency optimization delivers LED technology and this was the first ever vehicle with LED only technology thought the entire vehicle. Almost 500 LED’s has been used for different tasks, from headlights, tail lights, fog lamps and interior illumination.

2015 Mercedes S Class Release Date

It is expected that this vehicle will be officially represented during the summer or at the beginning of the fall. Sales should start shortly after that and we do expect to see the 2015th model available before the end of this year or at the beginning of the next.

When we are talking about technology we need to mention the combination of the Road Surface Scan system that will use stereo camera to detect any imperfections on the road and adjust suspension through the Magic Body Control. This is optional on higher trim levels and as a standard we are getting still fantastic Adaptive Damping System ADS PLUS and the improved version of the AIRMATIC suspension.

2015 Mercedes S Class Back

2015 Mercedes S Class Back

Like in all segments of the 2015 Mercedes S Class in the interior there were no compromises. Materials used are of highest quality, wood and metal details are noticeable through the entire interior. Looking at the entire dashboard and interior it seems that everything is made from one piece, that good everything is fitted. Long wheelbase offers great amount of interior space, not only that the front seat passengers will have great amount of comfort, this also goes for the rear seat passengers.

If Mercedes wants to stay ahead of the competition just as always they will need to offer improvements to the engine lineup. This is done with the fuel consumption reduction for about 20 percent compared to predecessor which is great achievement. From the launch the 2015 Mercedes S Class is available with S400 Hybrid, S 300 BlueTEC Hybrid, S 350 BluTEC and S500 powertrains.

Mercedes S Class Interior

Mercedes S Class Interior

Highest efficiency is achieved with the 2015 Mercedes S Class 300 BlueTEC Hybrid model that combines 2.2 liter inline four cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that produces 204 hp and 15 kW of those comes from the electric motor that is placed between engine and transmission. According to the company this vehicle will need only 4.4 liters per 100 km which is incredible looking at the size and weight of it.

In the S 400 Hybrid we are getting more powerful V6 petrol unit in combination with electric motor. Total power output is slightly over 330 hp and about 370 NM of torque while the consumption has been announced to be about 6.3 liters per 100 km. Acceleration from 0 to 62 mph is done in 6.8 seconds and the top speed has been limited to 250 km/h.

2015 Mercedes S Class

2015 Mercedes S Class

For the S 350 BlueTEC model that comes with a 3.0 liter diesel engine of 258 hp and 620 NM of torque fuel consumption figures are set to 5.5 to 5.6 liters per 100 km. For those that want more power Mercedes delivered S 500 that offers twin turbo 4.6 liter V8 unit that produces 455 hp and 700 NM of torque. Fuel consumption is measured at 8.6 liters per 100 km. Have in mind that all these fuel consumption numbers are from European test that is quite optimistic so we do expect to see higher fuel consumption.

Price Of 2015 Mercedes S Class

Price for the 2015th model has not yet been officially announced but we do know that it could be quite similar like it was the case with the 2014th model. If this happens than the base price will be set to about $94.000. Drivers that want higher and AMG models will need to pay much more. Price of best equipped models is about $140.000 and even more.

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