2015 Honda Pilot Release Date And Redesign

In 2014 model 2015 Honda Pilot will be available on the automotive markets with only few changes made on the model already existing. However the long awaited redesign of the popular crossover will only be available in 2015. And this will be quite a surprise for those lovers of Honda pilot vehicle. Particularly, potential car buyers may expect to drift away from traditional so called boxy design.

But whatever the changes on it, the vehicle will be a great updated version of Honda Pilot making it far gorgeous and attractive when compared to other cars in lineup.

2015 Honda Pilot Release Date

New 2015 Honda Pilot vehicles will be available in 4 versions such as EX – L, LX, EX and Touring models. This minivan will have different modifications and redesigned on its exterior. This vehicle is inspired by the 2014 Acura MDX which is a Japanese product design, and the popular boxy look will be replaced by curved lines. But, it will be designed in order to have a larger space for 8 passengers in 3 rows.

2015 Honda Pilot Side

2015 Honda Pilot Side

For its interior, the cabin will offer comfort and have space as the original design, but will be have more high-tech technologies and features. Some of the new equipment includes the camera and an upgraded climate control mechanism. Among the features, there are some very important features like Steering Wheel Controls, Cruise Control and more.

Honda Pilot Render Side

Honda Pilot Render Side

2015 Honda Pilot vehicle will also have an electric train engine with a 3.5 L power. The vehicle will have the same engine that was used in the previous car, but there will be some technological advancement on this car. The SUV engine will be able to produce 310 HP for 265 ft. lbs. For the previous version it is difficult to achieve 250 HP and this makes it less powerful. Also, there is a six-speed automatic transmission that when combined with all wheel drive can support enough power for the vehicle. Also, the vehicle is expected to be more fuel-efficient as compare to the previous model.

Redesigned 2015 Pilot

According to the car goals, having a more modern look and enhanced performance 2015 Honda Pilot will be one of the best cross-over cars available. Many people were expecting that the 2014 model to get those changes, but, it became apparent that people would have to wait for at least another year. It is clear that the manufacturer put a lot of effort into the design and development of this vehicle.

Even it has not yet been confirmed price is expected to be between $31,000 and $41,300 depending on the trim level and features that are selected.

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