2015 Honda Odyssey Review And Release Date

Honda has revealed something new to its next generation. The concept version of the 2015 Honda Odyssey has already been released earlier this year at Shanghai in April. Premiered under the name “Jade,” the new wagon is slated for its launch sometime in the second half of next year.

The new car comes with innovative twists and attractive features, making this model an ideal family car. Extra safety measures, additional multimedia features and a more sleek body are some characteristics of the all new 2015 Honda Odyssey. We are sure that enhanced features will attract additional number of buyers to this brand.

2015 Honda Odyssey Review

The vehicle will be available in five trim levels – EX, LX, Ex-L, Touring and Touring Elite. The seating arrangement is not very different from the previous models, comfortably accommodating seven to eight passengers. The seats will be very comfortable and will be made of higher quality materials. The dashboard will be equipped with an eight-inch i-MID screen. Other features will include a satellite radio, rear-DVD entertainment system and power moonroof. One of the most interesting changes delivered to this vehicle is the addition of an integrated vacuum cleaner, named the HondaVac.

2015 Honda Odyssey

2015 Honda Odyssey

The exteriors will also be similar to that of the older version though more elegant LED headlights and a revised grill can be expected in the new family vehicle. The new Japanese wagon is also expected to be curvier than the previous model with sharper lines. The headlamps also have a more luxurious design though Honda is yet to reveal details about the body measurement. The new vehicle will also bring some additional changes that will further improve safety, we can expect to see features like adaptive headlamps, wider sight, minimum blind spot and lane departure warning systems.

Photo gallery of 2015 Honda Odyssey:

The 2015 Honda Odyssey will be equipped with better safety systems that its predecessor. One of the top safety features includes the rear-seat, mounted side-impact airbags. All these features make the car perfect for a comfortable ride and is ideal for huge families that like going on trips. Enough cabin space in combination with decent amount of cargo space will certainly come in handy.

2015 Honda Odyssey Back

2015 Honda Odyssey Back

The exact release date of the 2015 Honda Odyssey is yet to be revealed, though manufactures have confirmed that it will be somewhere between the middle and second half of this year. Latest news has it that the basic LX model will be priced at $29,995 while the highest trim will be priced at $45,900. This is in line with the currently offered models and competitors from which Honda will not be able to go significantly higher in terms of price if they want to stay competitive.

Release Date For 2015 Odyssey

Other vehicles launching around the same time and will run into a tough competition which includes Nissan Quest, Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan. It will be interesting to see how will it cope with other models from competition and if it will be able to further strength its positions on the market.

2015 Honda Odyssey Interior

2015 Honda Odyssey Interior

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