2015 Honda Fit Delays And Price

It is quite obvious that there is a large number of people that are waiting for the 2015 Honda Fit and the opportunity to buy one. If you are one of those, potential buyers, than the news about the delay of its launch will be quite interesting to you.

Slightly delays are made so that Honda would be sure that everything is in perfect order. This is a simple quality check that will only slightly postpone the launch of Honda’s subcompact. Plans were to offer this model during the spring of this year but because of few problems in the Honda’s new factory in Celaya, Mexico we are getting small changes in this plan.

2015 Honda Fit Delays

This has been noted and confirmed when the 2015 Honda Fit model that was ordered by Consumer Reports did not arrive at appointed date. After they have contacted car maker they did receive the answer in which was stated that it is due to the issues in new factory and that it has affected the shipping delay for the entire U.S. dealers network. Reports suggest that the shipments are delayed until the June and it is not a huge thing, we do expect to see it pretty soon.

2015 Honda Fit Interior

2015 Honda Fit Interior

From Steve Kinkade, Honda’s spokesperson we could hear that since this is the first time that this factory is producing this vehicle it is expected that there will be few things to sort out. Company is taking some extra time to ensure that the quality is on the standard level. In this conversation we have also received confirmation that the delays are until the second week of June after which this model will be delivered as planned.

2015 Honda Fit Back

New Honda Fit Back

There are big expectations from the all new Honda Fit since this little car could significantly improve sale results with introduction of new model. At the same factory Honda is creating crossover that is based on the Fit, Honda HR-V. High level of investment is something that Honda hopes to see returned in the future.

Honda Fit

Honda Fit

We could see many other car makers having troubles with large number of recalls and the road Honda is going is good so they would avoid problems like these in the future. We don’t mind few extra weeks of waiting if that means we will be getting more reliable and problem free vehicle that will not be recalled because of the few problems that could be avoided.

Price Of 2015 Honda Fit

Just as a quick reminder of what is expected from 2015 Honda Fit to be delivered. It will come with 1.5 liter inline four cylinder engine that pumps out 130 hp and 114 lb-ft of torque. Base price should be about $15,525 and it will go to more than $21,000 depending on the trim level and chosen optional features.

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