2015 Honda Civic Vs 2015 Toyota Corolla

Having regular sales exceeding 300,000 units annually, the Honda Civic has been dubbed one of the best-selling sedans in the U.S market. This has made the manufacturers to redesign and renew its current generation and to deliver 2015 Honda Civic which will compete with models like 2015 Toyota Corolla.

The first improved model was launched in 2013 after the media criticized it for having a low quality interior, poor curves and comfort and lastly that it was ill equipped. The Honda Civic comes to comparison with the 2015 Toyota Corolla which is set to attract huge interests and will be the sedan’s 12th generation. Unlike the 2015 Honda Civic the Toyota corolla hasn’t released too much detail of the new model, but sure has enough to make you consider it. Spy shots have appeared on the internet, and according to word going round, the new Corolla comes with a few significant design changes and will start global sale soon after its release.

2015 Toyota Corolla

2015 Toyota Corolla

The 2015 Honda Civic coupe comes with a changed front that’s mostly characterized by its new grills and bumpers also it will have its own front fenders and hood though it may be noticeable with the first glance. Honda says the coupes’ front end is inspired by the European version of its 2014 coupe model. This is offered to add a premium compact design, but the interior design is still maintained from its previous 2013 model.

Comparison Of 2015 Honda Civic And 2015 Toyota Corolla

Looking and the Toyota Corolla 2015 model, both its interior and exterior will experience some modifications. According to what is provided by spy photos, the most visible changes shall be related to the grille that is meant to make the car more attractive. The tail lights and the rear bumper will not experience any modifications, but instead will remain intact as the manufacturers are out to review few changes and not to completely redesign. It is expected to add a few more colors to its palette options and newer and more modern materials will be used thus guaranteeing you of a lighter car.

2015 Honda Civic Back

2015 Honda Civic Back

Moreover, the 12th gen-corolla will appear to be more different from the previous models having a more stylish look and an attractive appearance. Its entertainment system is expected to be improved with the Entune multimedia. It’ll also come with a SAT NAV. Both shall be touch screen controlled and are placed in the center of the dashboard.

We could hear that vehicle from Honda will not have any major mechanical changes. It comes with a standard 1.8l engine that has received a boosted power of up to 143hp from 140hp. It also has a new exhaust system and a few minimal changes to the suspension for better maneuvering behavior. Its sport Si model has an increased power by 4hp and now develops 205hp from its 2.4l engine and paired with either a 6 speed automatic or manual transmission. Both models the sporty Si and the coupe come with 18” wheels and a new front bumper.

2015 Toyota Corolla Back

2015 Toyota Corolla Back

On the other hand the 2015 Toyota Corolla comes with a base 1.8l engine mated to a 6 speed manual or automatic transmission. This Powertrain is able to produce up to 132hp and 128lb-ft of torque. The 2015 corolla model is set to be fuel economic capable of doing up to 27 MPG-city and 34 MPG-highway, as it’ll experience some weight drop and due to its new specifications.

2015 Toyota Corolla Vs 2015 Honda Civic

The 2015 Honda Civic was set to be released before the end of the first half of 2014 and has a base price starting at $18,000 and is not to set to experience any significant price changes while on the other hand the 2015 Toyota Corolla’s release date is not yet clear, but is estimated to be ready for release by the last quarter of the year and at the same time start its global sale with a starting base price of about $17,000. Prices of both models are quite close so it will be interesting to see the sale results of these two models.

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