2015 GMC Canyon Release Date And Specs

When you consider what the company faced during bankruptcy proceeding, the fact that General Motors survived will be debated for many years to come. Unfortunately, during the difficult times this now growing company was forced to slash models, and restructure for its survival.

After killing the Chevrolet Colorado in 2011, GM is now determined to come back into the mid size pick-up truck market, with the planned production of the 2015 GMC Canyon. General Motors has learned a lot from its financial troubles, and this new pickup truck reflects a new lean and mean nimble company. Should Toyota and Nissan be worried about the emerging competition? Time will tell, but based on the features and specs leaked to the press, the GMC Canyon 2015 has multiple awards written into its future potential.

2015 GMC Canyon Release Date

It’s not easy creating a new truck from scratch, but that’s exactly what GM is doing. They used to rule this segment of the mid size ruck segment and if anyone can pull it off, it’s certainly General Motors. This truck is slated for full production next year 2014, and the brand new GMC Canyon should start arriving in dealers showroom next fall. Judging by how truck productions are schedule, you probably should start seeing the mid size truck on the road, around late June or July 2014.

This truck will be equipped with a 4.3 Liter V6 engine with 12 valves, and will use regular unleaded gasoline. At present, we know the first production will have 6-speed automatic transmission that can be easily shifted. This truck will have rear wheel drive, which is better for trucks of this size any-way. Early information shows it will have variable valve timing, plus an independent front suspension system. The first models will be called 2015 GMC Canyon SLE.

At present, the latest information from General Motors confirms that the mid-size pickup truck will come with 40-60 split bench front seating system, and will comfortably accommodate six people. The rear seat will have split foldable design. The seating system would use premium cloth for much needed comfort.

While many features are planned for the interior, we can confirm the following items will be standard on the mid size truck, unless you specifically order one custom built for you. It will come with power features which will include power mirrors, power windows, and power steering.

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The instrumentation panel on the GMC Canyon 2015 will display the clock, tachometer, external temperature, low fuel warning, compass, and cruise control. For added comfort, air conditioning and cargo area light would also be standard with this new model. The provided steering wheel will be tilt-adjustable.

Specs Of 2015 Canyon

Currently, GM plans to include a Mast antenna with CD player with stereo playback. You’ll be given three months of Sirius XM satellite radio service – FREE. You do need to subscribe for the service, and pay a nominal monthly fee if you choose to continue. This pickup truck will be pre-wired for phone, and the legendary ON-Star communication service.

Other safety features to be included in the 2015 GMC Canyon SLE:
The latest in 4-wheel ABS braking technology will be included. The interior will have front and rear head-airbags. Within the interior, you’ll also notice child seat anchors and much needed safety door locks for the rear doors.

The above is just a brief over-view of the features and specs to expect from this mid-size truck from General Motors. For complete information about how to order and when to expect the delivery of your own 2015 GMC Canyon, contact your local Chevrolet dealer or you can use the links you see on this site. Once you get delivery and have tested it for several weeks, be sure to come back and give us your honest opinion about the vehicle.

2015 GMC Canyon Back

2015 GMC Canyon Back

Image source: KGP Photography.

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