2015 Ford Ranger Release Date And Price

Ford Ranger was one of the main representatives of the compact pickup trucks and the production of this vehicle was ended in December of 2011th. It seams that the 2015 Ford Ranger will be offered to the buyers and we certainly do hope that it will offer compact size and features that will categorize it in this segment.

Models like Ranger, Nissan Frontier, Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma all grew larger and more capable with every new generation and as a result we had almost identical features that were offered with these vehicles and full size pickup trucks available on the market. Many buyers decided to go for larger full size pickups and in about one year number of sales in compact segment fall from 2 million to 250 000 units.

Release Date ForĀ 2015 Ranger

It is a great question if there are enough drivers that will be interested to buy compact trucks and according to Ford there are many drivers that would go for smaller vehicle with better fuel economy. This downsize will certainly have effect on the capabilities of this vehicle but that is the point to offer car that comes cheaper and offers lower tow and carry ratings than full size models.

Main goal for the 2015 Ford Ranger might be to offer about 1000 pounds of payload capacity and 3000 pounds of towing in this segment. What will also heavily influence the sale results is the fuel economy but with lower size we will be getting lower weight and smaller engines that also require less fuel.

2015 Ford Ranger Back

2015 Ford Ranger Back

Something similar was delivered with Chevrolet Colorado that is able to offer about 90 percent of what we are getting from Silverado but with 20 percent improvement on the fuel economy. This vehicle was designed and is delivered to the markets where full size trucks are not that popular and are not offered.

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Ford Ranger might be the ideal candidate for this spot in the Ford lineup but previous model that we have is quite similar to the offer of Ford F-150 and it might not be enough just to add smaller engine to reduce fuel consumption. As a result we would be getting vehicle with almost identical features and for many drivers the F-150 would be better choice.

Ford Ranger Interior

Ford Ranger Interior

It is pretty hard to argue the quality of trucks that are delivered by Ford and that is obvious with high sales that those truck achieve on the market. If the all new 2015 Ford Ranger is to be offered as a compact truck Ford will need to pay a lot of attention to what drivers really need. Choosing the right setup and making the right decision will certainly put Ford in front of competition.

2015 Ford Ranger Price

We need to add that the mid size 2015 Ford Ranger might be delivered but this is not 100 percent done deal. Development of new model will cost a lot of money so there would be need for high sale results to justify this investment. Price will certainly be one of the most important figures for this vehicle and we do expect it to be about $ 20.000 to $ 21.000.

2015 Ford Ranger

2015 Ford Ranger

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