2015 Ford Mustang Convertible Price And Photos

It was pretty strange for us to see the 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible officially presented at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. We would expect this vehicle to be presented in slightly warmer period but still we do not have any complaints because of this.

There is no doubt that this was one of the most anticipated vehicles in the last few months, both coupe and convertible models received a lot of attention. This was the first time this convertible has been presented even we were able to see few images of it before.

2015 Ford Mustang Convertible Front

2015 Ford Mustang Convertible Front

When we compare the 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible and standard coupe version they are quite similar. There are only few styling changes and those are mostly related to the retractable soft top and its placement. Since both engine and transmission are same for both versions we will deliver info from the coupe model. What we need to add is that one of the most important differences is that the Convertible will bring slightly worse performances because of the added weight but this should not be noticeable for most drivers.

It is interesting that we still do not have any details about performances and results that we will be getting from new Mustang. We have details on the engines that we will be getting for this vehicle but this is not enough to conclude about time needed for acceleration from 0 to 62 mph or the max speed.

Photos Of 2015 Mustang Convertible

Biggest change in the segment of the engines is the addition of the all new 2.3 liter inline four cylinder EcoBoost engine that should offer 305 hp at least and about 300 pound feet of torque. This is not the entry level engine but we are pretty sure that it will be interesting to both of those that will further tune it and those that are chasing fuel economy improvements.

2015 Mustang Convertible Back

2015 Mustang Convertible Back

As entry level option Mustang will be again offered with a 3.7 liter V6 unit that pumps out 300 hp and 270 lb-ft and for those that want more power and naturally aspirated engine there is a evolution of the “Coyote” engine. This was also available in the last Mustang and it will offer 420 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. Changes include improvements to cylinder heads, new valvetrain and new intake manifold that improve air and fuel mixing.


Just like for the coupe model the 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible will come with six speed manual Getrag transmission or you can choose the optional six speed automatic with paddle shifters. We did receive info that transmissions with more gears will be available in the future so it would additionally improve fuel economy.

2015 Ford Mustang Convertible Price

Among many things that we still do not know we are waiting to hear details about the price for this vehicle. It is interesting that coupe version also did not get price tag until now. We do expect that it will be offered soon so we will deliver it here. According to expectations slight bump in price is expected but nothing too much.

2015 Ford Mustang Convertible Interior

2015 Ford Mustang Convertible Interior

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