2015 Ford Explorer Price And Release Date

The Ford Explorer is a great SUV that can lug a lot while offering decent off road capabilities. For more than 20 years it has been around offering great features and capabilities and the latest 2015 Ford Explorer is no exception.

Its cabin will be of greater quality and even more comfortable while it will be covered with an over the top Grayish cloth making it modern and more luxurious. It will be capable to accommodate 8 passengers with the 3 row seats fitted. The seats are improved and come with adaptable modes. At the center of the dashboard it sure won’t lack a large touchscreen installed with the newest infotainment system.

2015 Ford Explorer Release Date

With the advancement in technology the SUV will have internet and Bluetooth connectivity for navigation, and for safety measures it will be delivered with safety belts, airbags and an air brake system. Just like the previous Ford Wagons its offers large luggage space in order to accommodate more stuff at once hence it very suitable for family transportation, vacations or trips.

2015 Ford Explorer

2015 Ford Explorer

The front part of the vehicle will acquire a more sophisticated grille with modern headlights. The car rear’s taillights will have a unique trapezoidal shape and equated to previous models it will get copious curvier lines. The body will have an aerodynamic appearance giving it a powerful and tough look.

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The Ford Explorer will be provided with a 2.0-ltr four-cylinder engine which is very fit for this SUV. The engine is expected to produce more than 230 hp. It will use an automatic transmission which will support a smoother acceleration and higher performance. It is expected to be fuel economical with its consumption approximated to be 30 miles per gallon hence it meets the needs of most clients. We are pretty sure that not only one engine will be available for this vehicle but at this moment there are no further details.

2015 Ford Explorer Back

2015 Ford Explorer Back

The upcoming Ford is rumored to be manufactured in China and by confirming to this, the Ford staff stated that China will take part in production of various Prototype Cars in 2015 in order to enlarge the Ford market in Asia. This is logical move if the Explorer is going to be deliver to Asia and other close markets that are currently in expansion like it is the case with China.

It is still not clear on when exactly the Explorer will be released, but it’s likely to be in the showrooms sometime before the end of year 2014. For the official information about release date we will have to wait little longer but the interest of the public suggest that this is one highly anticipated model.

Price Of 2015 Explorer

The presumed price for the 2015 Ford Explorer SUV will be ranging around $47,000 for the standard model and is likely to reach a higher $94,000 due to upgraded features and quality installations. Just like many other cars optional features come quite expensive and it is the case with this one also.

2015 Ford Explorer Interior

2015 Ford Explorer Interior

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