2015 Dodge Ram Release Date And Diesel Specs

2015 Dodge Ram Side

According to reports the 2015 Dodge Ram should be released during the next year and delivered to the showrooms as a 2015 model. There is no doubt that this will be another breath taking model that certainly could bring a lot of success to the company.

Very important truck of the year award might be taken again by this model. Over the few past years we were able to see these trucks attracting more loyal fans of GM and Ford to RAM brand. This is simply because Ram did offer really great features packed in one truck, something that was valued even by SUV drivers that were ready to take truck over a SUV model.

2015 Dodge Ram Release Date

One of the most important things with new vehicles is the luxury and quality of materials used for creating interior. Even the 2015 Dodge Ram is a truck, buyers of these vehicles do want to see improvements in this field and that is the segment we are getting a lot. Features like DVD player, adaptive air suspension, Wi-Fi connectivity and similar are usually seen in luxury sedans but we also get it in new pickup. Among other features we need to add that there is power steering wheel, comfortable seats, plenty of back seat room making it quite capable to transport families and do all the jobs you need it for.

2015 Dodge Ram Interior

2015 Dodge Ram Interior

We are pretty sure that the 2015 Dodge Ram EcoDiesel model will be quite interesting to many buyers simply because it offers decent amount of power and a lot of torque. Just like with every diesel unit it also uses a lot less fuel compared to gasoline powered models. Expectations suggest that we might be getting about 27 mpg but this needs to be confirmed on EPA tests.

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When it comes to exterior we can notice that the grille is new but also larger so it would allow better cooling and air supply for the engines. LED headlights looks really nice but also provide a lot of light. On the back we have tail lights that are quite similar to previously delivered models. They are still small and rectangular, nicely fitted providing nice finish for this vehicle.

2015 Dodge Ram Back

2015 Dodge Ram Back

The 2015 Dodge Ram EcoDiesel will be delivered with 3.0 liter V6 turbocharged unit that pumps out 240 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. This should be enough for most drivers. Power of this engine is transferred through the eight speed automatic and this setup offers some really nice figures. According to reports this vehicle will need about 8.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph while the tow capacity is 9200 pounds.

EcoDiesel 2015 Ram

At this moment there are no official information’s about the price of the 2015 Dodge Ram but we do know what we can expect to see. Base price should be about $ 29,000 but for models that will be in top of the offer with decent amount of features we will see much higher price.

More information’s are expected to be delivered as the release date approaches so stay tuned as we will deliver all those here. With decent amount of loyal fans we do expect to see pretty good sale results for the 2015 Dodge Ram.

2015 Dodge Ram

2015 Dodge Ram

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